Creating Dot Grid Pages , Easy! Illustrator tutorial

On my search for dot grid pages online, I thought … why not just make it myself? That way I can control my favorite thing which is COLOR!!! It is fairly simple to do if you have basic Illustrator skills. I’ll include a link of the PDF file of the dot grid pages at the end of this post.

  1. Set up your file. Chose the file size you desire and name it. Click create.
  2. Draw a line that spans the width of the page while holding down shift to make it perfectly straight, taking into consideration whether you want margins or not. Make the width of the stroke 1.75.
  3. Select your line.
  4. Open up the Stroke panel by going to the windows menu and selecting Stroke.
If you panel is not showing any other options except for weight, click on the hamburger menu and select Show Options.

5. Let’s start setting the dot pattern! In the Stroke panel, change the values of the Cap and Corner. Cap should be set to “Rounded Cap” and Corner set to “Rounded Join“. The Align Stroke stays on the default. You can see the settings below.

Use this as a reference.

6. Next check the box, “Dashed Lined” and set the dash: 0, the gap: 15pt. You only need to do so in the first two values, the others can be left blank.

Note you can change the gap to your preference

7. If everything was done correctly you should have a singular dotted line. I left a bit of space on top for the date, logo, and a quote. You can really customize it however you wish. Your line should look something like this….(below)

8. Next is to repeat the line to fill up the page. There are two methods to which you can achieve this but one is more painstakingly time consuming.

a. The slower method is to select the line than hold alt while you move it to another spot which will duplicate it.

b. The method I prefer is to use the move tool which creates the lines repeatedly in seconds. Select the dotted line you created earlier, navigate to the Object menu > Transform > Move or hold down Shift + Ctrl + M.

c. In the Move panel, Set the horizontal: 0, vertical: .125. Check preview at the bottom to see where it will move. You can adjust the vertical value to your liking. Then click copy.

d. After the first move is done, all you need to do is hold down ctrl + d, to duplicate your last action; moving and copying your line. Repeat until the page is filled up or where you want the grid to end.

You should have something similar to what I created! (below)

You can fancy it up by changing the color of the stroke for all the lines and add your own branding and fields. It’s so easy to customize and print out!

Thank you for following along and I hope I was able to help you create your own dotted grid paper which is pretty popular these days! If you have any questions please comment below and as promised the link to the dotted pages I created will be listed right after this! They are in 6 different colors. Gray, pink, purple, blue, green and orange, I hope you find great use for them! Print and enjoy. :]

6 Color – Dotted Grid Paper

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